About Me

My name is Yosef Graziano, I’m writing these lines just before Christmas and just after 4 days of getting a second baby girl. So, first of all, I’m a proud father and a husband, and I’m a Wi-Fi guy. back in the days, my colleagues used to call me Abu WiFi; in Arabic, it means father of WiFi.

I found myself living in a Wireless World, a fascinating and a bit mystical world, dealing with this invisible Wi-Fi and looking up in the Air just to see something familiar, an antenna perhaps or an Access Point. if you are a Wi-Fi guy, how many times does it happen that you drive your car and you see the antennas on the Cellular masts around you, or when you enter an Airport, a hotel or a hospital and your eyes start rapidly scanning the ceiling for access points?

So why writing a blog, there are already a lot of great Wi-Fi blogs out here and a lot of great guys who are helping the community and sharing their knowledge. but you think you know things till you write them down and get a feedback, or teach them to others.  so this is why I started my blog, let’s call it a tool to validate my knowledge and to get feedback. so please be kind.

the other reason, I’m preparing for my a CCIE Wireless lab exam, and I found out that my OneNote is full of information configuration examples and remarks. usually, I summarize thing in my own language, it’s not native English, and sometimes it’s not clear. but if I have 40% of the job done, why not publish it?